Bikini & Brazilian Laser Hair Removal
Serving Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Blackfoot, Twin Falls & Fort Hall

Ladies, we understand that unsightly pubic hair in your bikini area can be embarrassing, and undermine your self confidence.  Constant shaving is not only inconvenient, but the stubble is back the next day! And waxing is only a temporary – and very painful – pubic hair removal solution.  The good news is that state-of-the-art laser bikini hair removal is now available at Kallista Laser, in Pocatello, ID. We offer Candela GentleMax Pro®, the fastest, gentlest, most effective laser pubic hair removal treatment available today.

In addition to faster treatment times, this advanced hair removal technology is gentler and more comfortable than other lasers – which is especially important when removing pubic hair from that oh-so-sensitive bikini area. Candela GentleMax Pro® offers the most advanced laser hair removal technology for removing pubic hair – whether you desire a “Brazilian”, a French “landing strip”, or a fully hairless “Hollywood”. And, unlike other laser hair removal treatments, GentleMax Pro® is safe for all skin types and tones – including darker skin.

At Kallista Laser, hair removal is all we do – so that more women have convenient access to rapid, comfortable laser hair removal, at the most affordable prices.  And, with the convenience of online appointment booking, we’ve made the process even easier!

Kallista Laser is among the few aesthetic practices in Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Blackfoot, Twin Falls, Fort Hall and Southeast Idaho to offer this innovative women’s hair removal technology. Schedule an appointment today for state-of-the-art GentleMax Pro® laser hair removal – and get rid of embarrassing pubic hair rapidly, comfortably, and affordably.